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    port (noun) · ports (plural noun) · inland port (noun) · inland ports (plural noun)
    1. a town or city with a harbor where ships load or unload, especially one where customs officers are stationed:
      "the French port of Toulon" · "Port Elizabeth"
      port city/town
    Old English port, from Latin portus ‘haven, harbor’, reinforced in Middle English by Old French.
    port (noun) · ports (plural noun)
    1. an opening in the side of a ship for boarding or loading.
      • a porthole:
        "the cabin has rectangular ports set just below sheer in each quarter"
      • an opening in the body of an aircraft or in a wall or armored vehicle through which a gun may be fired; a gun port.
      • an opening for the passage of steam, liquid, or gas:
        "loss of fuel from the exhaust port"
    2. electronics
      a socket in a computer network into which a device can be plugged:
      "a communications port for optional cellular and other wireless modules"
      a gate or gateway, especially into a walled city.
    Old English port (in the sense ‘gateway’), from Latin porta ‘gate’; reinforced in Middle English by Old French porte. The later sense ‘opening in the side of a ship’ led to the general sense ‘aperture’.
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  3. Synonyms for "porting" include12:
    • Port
    • Portaging
    • Docking
    • Entrancing
    • Gating
    • Harboring
    • Harbouring
    Learn more:
    port portaging docking entrancing gating harboring harbouring
    Synonyms for porting in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for porting. 19 synonyms for port: harbour, haven, anchorage, seaport, roadstead, address, air, bearing, demeanor, manner, mien, presence, style, port wine, embrasure....
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    What is a synonym for Port?Synonyms and antonyms of portin English port noun These are words and phrases related to port. Click on any word or phrase to go to its thesaurus page. Or, go to the definition of port. The ship will reach port tomorrow morning. Synonyms seaport harbor dock pier wharf quay landing harborage anchorage mooring dry dock
    What is the meaning of Port?Port: a part of a body of water protected and deep enough to be a place of safety for ships. Synonyms: anchorage, harbor, harborage… Find the right word.
    What is a port verb?verb Middle English (referring to a person's bearing): from Old French port ‘bearing, gait’, from the verb porter, from Latin portare ‘carry’. The verb (from French porter) dates from the mid 16th cent. Definition of port verb in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary.
    How do you describe a port city?loading examples... A port is a place where boats come and go. If you think that docks and harbors are romantic, I suggest you move to a port city like Baltimore.
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