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    ported (past tense) · ported (past participle)
    1. turn (a ship or its helm) to port:
      "the yacht immediately raised all sail and ported her helm"
    mid 16th century: probably originally the side containing an entry port or facing the port (quayside) for loading.
    ported (past tense) · ported (past participle)
    1. computing
      transfer (software) from one system or machine to another:
      "the software can be ported to an IBM RS/6000"
    2. carry or convey:
      "we ported the milk cans from the plentiful water supply of the gym"
      • military
        carry (a rifle or other weapon) diagonally across and close to the body with the barrel or blade near the left shoulder:
        "Detail! For inspection—port arms!"
    Middle English (in port): from Old French port ‘bearing, gait’, from the verb porter, from Latin portare ‘carry’. The verb (from French porter) dates from the mid 16th century.
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